Walter Matthew Hutchins was shot and killed by bounty hunters on Feb. 23, 2022. Now, his family is asking that the bounty hunters who fatally shot him be held responsible. According to KHOU, the Houston Police Department said the bounty hunters told them they were executing a warrant for Hutchins’ arrest when he fired at them. The two bounty hunters reportedly shot back at Hutchins, hitting him in the head. But Hutchins’ family said they believe the story is deeper than the police’s story.

“Now we see these bounty hunters, these private citizens … in less than five seconds from when they stop those SUVs, shots are fired,” the family’s attorney, Ben Crump, said, according to KHOU. “Walter is executed.”

HPD Lt. Willkens told the outlet Hutchins had four active felony warrants at the time of his death. He also said that the bounty hunters wore vests identifying themselves when they approached him. Candice Johnson, Hutchins’ significant other and the mother of his son Walter Hutchins Jr., said otherwise.

“The bounty hunters that surrounded him were in plain clothing and did not identify themselves. Within seconds of getting into his car, the bounty hunters shot Walter. Walter suffered extensive brain damage from the shooting and was brain dead upon arriving to the hospital. He was pronounced medically deceased the following day,” she wrote on a GoFundMe campaign page.

No arrests have been made as of yet, but HPD said the investigation is ongoing. The bounty hunters have not been identified to the public.