KeKe Palmer asked Whoopi Goldberg on Wednesday's episode of The View to throw her name in the running for the upcoming Sister Act 3.

"Now Whoopi, I gotta shoot my shot, like I did with Issa a little bit ago," Palmer said. "I heard that Tyler Perry is doing Sister Act 3 and I just want you to know I’m available for the job. Any job. I mean, you ain't got to say nothing now, you know, I'll send you an email or something. Just let me know if you need me."

Luckily for the actress, the Oscar winner revealed Palmer was already among the long list of contenders for a role in the new installment. 

"I already brought it up," Goldberg told Palmer at the table, which was heard with a round of applause.

This isn't the first time the Akeelah and the Bee star has requested to be a part of a project. She recently showed interest in joining Insecure season 5, tweeting Issa Rae about how much she'd like to get some feelings off her chest about newcomer Condola (Christina Elmore).

"@IssaRae there's been a mix up. I tweeted about my excitement for season 5 of Insecure and now everyone thinks I'm gonna be on it. We can't let them down, put me in to beat Condola's ass real quick," she tweeted. 

Rae saw Palmer's request and, shortly after, viewers were seeing Palmer on HBO as Kira on Insecure. Though, instead of putting hands on Condola, she was playing the character's sister who makes an appearance during the emotionally charged third episode, which features the birth of Condola and Lawrence's (Jay Ellis) baby, Elijah. 

"That’s how crazy life is. You never know what you gonna get. I mean, I had no idea that it was really gonna happen," Palmer told ET, before adding, "I didn't do the casting… Honey, Issa cast this." 

The experience wasn't just a big hit with fans, but Palmer also called the job "the opportunity of a lifetime." 

"I love Issa. I love the opportunity of working for her. I’m a big fan of the show," she added, before noting how "it's also a very full circle because first season she was working with the nonprofit [We Got Y’all] and she was like, 'Oh yeah, the kids would love it if Keke Palmer came.' And then now in the fifth season, I'm getting the opportunity to work on the show. So, it's fun."