For Black America, the road to equality has been full of dips and hurdles as each generation has helped push the needle a bit further. Each new movement has brought activists, leaders, protesters and others who have truly proven that every bit counts — from small acts to the Civil Rights movement itself. Even though the trial of Derek Chauvin ended in a guilty verdict, there’s still a collective weariness about a judicial process that constantly seems to get it wrong. 

The fight for equality has always continued long after the media and general public moved on to the next trending topic, making it even more crucial to push back against apathy and burnout. In fact, the rallying cry from Hulu’s “One Small Action” campaign is “Your voice and your energy is still needed.” 

One Small Action in Your Communities

Through its “One Small Action” campaign, Hulu is working to amplify diverse voices in entertainment and the overall community as a reminder that even small actions can have the greatest impact. This initiative highlights organizations currently making an impact in their communities; working to address everything from racial inequality to the challenges faced by Black and Brown members of the LGBTQ community. 

By partnering with activists and leaders, Hulu hopes to encourage others to stay motivated with a series of essays designed to identify ways that #OneSmallAction can ultimately create lasting change. 

Blavity recently partnered with authors and activists Frederick Joseph, Michaela Angela Davis and Feminista Jones, who penned their own thoughts on ways we can remain committed to the fight for equality. 

Joseph wrote, “I learned a long time ago that the road to racial justice is daunting, long and filled with uncertainty. But like with any road, it’s about taking steps and meeting other travelers with the same goals along the way.” 

With each small action, as a community we can ensure progress moves forward while fighting against those who would try to take us back. Join the movement by learning how you can take “One Small Action” of your own today here. 

This editorial is brought to you in partnership with Hulu.