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Georgia Councilman Refuses To Apologize To White Folks Butthurt Over His Facebook Post

They big mad.

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A Georgia city councilman is refusing to apologize for a Facebook post despite calls for his resignation and a boycott of his nonprofit organization.

According to Fox 5 News, Carrollton Mayor Pro Tem Gerald Byrd posted a meme of a black man and a Native American man captioned "The Genocide Of One Race, The Enslavement Of Another" on Facebook followed by his own two cents.

"Both people in the photo are the same. White man has and is destroying the world," he wrote.

Source: Screenshot
Source: Screenshot

The post angered many residents, and some of them criticized Byrd during a city council meeting on Monday, June 9.

“I do think racism will never really end as long as we’re entitled to offer up our personal opinion,” resident Barry Harwell said during the meeting. “Asking you to resign Mr. Byrd would be futile. But I ask you to consider it.”

Businessman Bobby Gaines is another vocal critic. Gaines left a lengthy one-star review for Byrd’s nonprofit on Facebook and blocked him, according to The Times-Georgian.

“I wish we could all be colorblind, but unfortunately Mr. Byrd wants to demonize certain races,” Gaines said. “Please do not support this despicable man.”

Despite all the drama, Byrd is not backing down.

“I don’t think that’s a racist comment at all,” Byrd said after the meeting. “You know when I think of my position here at city hall every day it seems I’m dealing with some sort of issue of racial discrimination.”

Byrd says he is speaking for the black community of Carrollton.

“It’s not about me; it’s more about disenfranchised people the poor and their struggles every single day,” he said.

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