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My Confusing Moment With Dev Hynes’ ‘Negro’ Shirt And His White Fans Who Proudly Purchased It

“How does a shirt with the word 'negro' sell out to a theater that was not filled with negroes?”
Jared Zachary
 • 12 days ago

Bette Midler Never Walked A Mile In Our Shoes

"We get skipped over for job interviews due to the sounding of our names. We get labeled as angry and unworthy of love. Even some of our own men have turned on us in favor of you."
Angela Dennis
 • 12 days ago

As A Sexual Assault Victim, Here’s What I'm Doing To Break Free From My Chains

An ode to victims of sexual assault.
 • 17 days ago

Why I Think Many Black Millennials Have Traded Sunday Morning Service For Sunday Morning Brunch

"While some may argue that it's good that so many young black Americans are interested in becoming successful, others are concerned that their values may be misplaced ..."
 • 17 days ago

'Apes**t' Is Great, But I Need More: Here Are 8 Visual Concepts For Beyoncé And Jay-Z’s 'Everything Is Love'

The Carters have already gotten the crowd going with “Apesh**t,” but now we want more.
Alfonso François
 • 18 days ago

You Want To Be The First Black [Fill In The Blank]?

No thanks.
Ashlea Archer
 • 18 days ago

It’s OK To Grieve Mr. Huxtable, But It’s Not OK To Give Bill Cosby A Pass

"I initially called bulls**t because, you know, here we have a wonderful black man, with such a positive impact, being brought down by all of these women with no physical proof or evidence."
Jewel Newsome
 • 18 days ago

Here’s How I Think HBCU Alumni And The Institutions Themselves Can Better Financially Help Potential Students

"At times, I wish I had continued trying to pursue Morehouse College, but the cost of attending was not something I could afford."
Uche Nwamah
 • 18 days ago

Excuse Me While I Unpack The Deeper Complexity Of Kanye's 'SNL' Rant

"African Americans are probably the only voting demographic that has to answer questions or provide reasons as to why their political allegiance resides in a certain place other than democrat."
Uche Nwamah
 • 19 days ago

7 Things Beyoncé Could Do — Including Witchcraft — That Wouldn't Stop Me From Stanning

It's the cult way.
Alfonso François
 • 22 days ago

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