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ssneed Simone Sneed

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Genesis Tramaine — Educator, artist and inspiration

In April 2009, I moved to NYC and didn't know a single person. To fix that, I would take a cab from my apartment in Harlem to Brooklyn to attend a Brooklyn Boihood party in the world’s smallest apartment. Filled with nearly 100 sweaty queer brown bodies over the course of the night, I felt as if I was part of something. Over time, what I would come to learn is that one of the curators...

Is Willow Smith a young Grace Jones?

Willow Smith’s debut album Ardipithecus comes over six years after her introduction to the music scene. For many of us, her infectious pop hit “Whip My Hair” was a refreshingly innocent song featuring a black girl. Despite its popularity, many critics saw it as an overproduced track made possible by her famous parents. I’ll be the first to agree that even with her follow-up, “Do It Like...

On Lupita, sisterhood & bougie liberation

The arts present opportunities for us to be deeply uncomfortable and yet totally safe. And for me they have become a space for radical transformation. Most recently I was reminded of this during Lupita Nyongo’s performance in Eclipsed, a story of the women of the Liberian civil war, at the Public Theater. The moment she stepped on stage I felt an incredibly familiar dread. Her hair —...