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eflake's posts

11 tips to help you survive the start of winter

Winter is officially here and with temperatures across the country hitting record lows, this season is showing absolutely no chill! Just in time for the freezing cold foolery, here are 11 tips to get your mind right for the impending hibernation: 1.First things first, stay moisturized. The ash is real out here! 2. Stay boo'd up as much as possible 3. If your...

Here's why it's important to challenge what you think you know

Where I come from, values such as humility and meekness are considered admirable. You do your work, take care of your own and mind your business. The uniformity of shared morals provides a sense of safety, simplicity and even freedom. There is no questioning of roles or grappling with expectations when everyone knows their place and plays their assigned position. I am grateful for this...

The truth about fragile and racist white women intimidated by First Lady Michelle Obama

It appears that old-fashioned, overt racism is staging a comeback. The polished, subtle, dog whistle racism, formerly known as "progress," is quickly giving way to a more in your face iteration. These once undercover racists have decided to bring their bigotry "out of the closet". Despite the nation's irrational obsession with time travel and the neurotic ambition to "Make America Great...