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MJanay Malinda Janay

Malinda is a staff writer for Blavity, freelance content creator, and executive assistant residing in Cleveland, OH. As a proud graduate of Mississippi Valley State University, she loves all things HBCU. In her free time she enjoys being a bomb plant mom, self-care, bottomless mimosas and painting. Contact by email: malindajny@gmail.com

MJanay's posts

White Woman Follows, Calls Police On Black Man Babysitting White Kids

The list of things black people aren't allowed to do without potentially summoning police involvement continues to grow.CBS reports Corey Lewis was looking after two white children when a woman stopped him in the parking lot of a Georgia Walmart and voiced her concern for the children's safety. Despite the children showing no signs of being in danger, she asked him if the...

Beyoncé Promises To Be Jay-Z's 'Hype Man Any Day' In Ridiculously Sweet IG Post

The Lemonade and 4:44 era have officially come to a close as Beyoncé and Jay-Z wrapped up their nearly four-month $150.7 million-grossing On the Run II tour. As we patiently await what's in store for any future solo projects, the Carters have already let us know that Everything Is Love. Bey made sure to let us know how real said love is by taking to Instagram to...