The family of a 29-year old Kansas City, Missouri, mother Asia Maynard wants answers after their loved one was reported dead on Feb. 19.

Maynard, a mother of four, was reported dead by a man she had gone on a date with, Fox 4 reports. However, her mother said she doesn’t believe her daughter died of natural causes, despite the police saying they don’t suspect any foul play.

“We’re going to say that she died of natural causes because there was no foul play,” Tera Maynard, Asia’s sister, said, Fox 4 reports. “I feel like they’re rushing the investigation.”

Asia’s family asserts that she was healthy.

“She’s only 29. You’re not dying of natural causes at 29,” her mother, Denise Maynard, said, according to Fox 4.

Prior to being reported dead by her date, Tera said Asia called her and said she was going out with “a new friend” and would stop by the next day to see her, but she never heard from her again.

“After Friday she never called. She never showed up and that’s not like her. So, another day goes by. I said something’s not right. It’s not sitting right with my spirit,” Tera said.

Her family said they believe her date may have given her illegal drugs, The Kansas City Star reports.

Asia’s mother said when they finally saw her body, she had “blood in her eyes and her ears and her clothes were saturated with blood.”

Police have been investigating her death, but currently they are not considering it a homicide.