A judge has ordered the city of Louisville to release radio tapes of police communication related to the March 13 killing of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor.

WDRB reports that on Wednesday — in front of Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman — the family's attorney Sam Aguiar said there was confusion about which officers took part in the raid that led to the essential worker's death. He believes the recordings can help uncover the truth.

"We've identified a few officers that were at least supposed to be on scene that always wear body cameras," he said in court.

Aguiar stated in court filings that some of the officers who were supposed to be present during the raid were not confirmed by city authorities. The city rebutted Aguiar’s request as too broad and likened it to a “fishing expedition."

In the end, the judge sided with Aguiar and ruled city officials must hand over all secure police radio conversations recorded between four hours before the raid and 3 p.m. the following day.

Three officers have been identified in relation to the raid: Sgt. Jon Mattingly and Detectives Myles Cosgrove and Brett Hankison. Hankison was fired June 23 for “wantonly and blindly” firing 10 shots during the incident, Louisville Police Chief Robert Schroeder wrote in his termination letter.

WDRB reports the city has agreed to release the recordings within the next week. 

Despite Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker stating he believed the apartment was being broken into during the raid, police have maintained they announced their presence. Neighbors reported hearing gunshots but denied hearing any formal police announcement. 

As protests against police brutality persist around the country, celebrities like NBA star LeBron James are remaining firm in their fight to bring Taylor’s killers to justice. During his media availability following a game against the Dallas Mavericks earlier this month, James used his time to say, emphatically, “we want the cops arrested,” as Blavity previously reported.

"First of all, I want to continue to shed light on justice for Breonna Taylor and to her family and everything that's going on with that situation. We want the cops arrested who committed that crime," James told reporters on July 23. 

Hankison remains the only officer terminated, and investigations into the case are ongoing.