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26 Songs To Activate Your Inner #BlackGirlMagic

Check This Out
Keena Carson
 • 11 days ago

How Chance The Rapper Fights Crime In Chicago More Efficiently Than The City’s Mayor

"All too often, the response to elevated crime rates is enhanced policing and police training ..."
 • 13 days ago

Black Women Can’t Afford To Wait: Why Black Women’s Equal Pay Day Is Important

"Much like the feminist movement, black women are being largely ignored by the equal pay movement."
Dalana Brand
 • 13 days ago

Nia Wilson Deserved Better From Oakland, A City Many No Longer Recognize

An Oakland native reflects on the impact and implications of another black girl’s slaying in their hometown.
De La
 • 25 days ago

6 Ways To Live Your Best Life Through Social Media

Elevate your digital life to live your best life.
Jason Barnes
 • a month ago

White Justice, Black Grief: When White Accountability Falls Short In Cases Like Emmett Till And Eric Garner

White justice is as black and white as ever, and sometimes blue.
Ida Harris
 • a month ago

Debt Burden Hits African American Families Hardest, But Here’s How You Can Begin To Declare Yourself Free

"Becoming debt free starts with the acknowledgement that America’s culture of borrow-and-spend materialism is not healthy."
DeForest B. Soaries, Jr.
 • a month ago

This Scene In ‘The Equalizer 2’ Is Another Reason I Believe Diversity In The Writing Room Is Important

"This association between black people and violence is the kind of lifestyle that many associate with black people."
Allison Scates
 • a month ago

The Structural Biases Behind Financial Lending Won’t Stop Until We Start Speaking Out

A brief foray into the world of financial lending shows that the structural biases of the past are still plaguing our world today, and that they’re not going away until the public demands action.
 • a month ago

You May Believe Lebron James Is Chasing A Championship In LA. I, For One, Think We’re About To Get A ‘Space Jam 2'

"... I do believe there is a conversation going on, somewhere atop the 35th floor of a building, on how they can make this come to life ..."
 • a month ago

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