| May 19 2020,

02:25 am

Like our good sister India Arie once said, “There’s no substitute for the truth - either it is or isn’t.” In this case, the truth is that Boosie, Mr. “Wipe Me Down” himself, bragged about being an accessory to statutory rape and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The fledgling rapper made headlines this month when he admitted that he orchestrated the situation of a “super grown” woman, also known as a pedophile, to perform fellatio on his underage nephews and son. As if that isn’t appalling enough, Boosie’s bravado about the situation leads me to believe that he truly thinks this is good parenting. After all, he did warn us in 2017.

It was all fun and games earlier this year when the Louisiana native tried to force his way into membership of a prominent Black fraternity by way of clout-chasing antics like learning how to shimmy. That entire ordeal was loaded with cultural ignorance but he was eventually let off the hook. When he came for Dwyane Wade’s parenting style a month later, that’s when we got a tad glimpse of his twisted mind. In a transphobic fueled rant, the ex-felon and baby daddy extraordinaire pleaded with Wade to not let his daughter undergo gender reassignment surgery, which is interesting considering the idea has never come up from Wade or anyone in his camp. Thankfully Wade has seemingly decided to reject parenting advice from the scantily awarded musician who apparently advocates for sexual assault, molestation and trauma.

I’m not sure where Boosie’s credence in believing that he is the Dumbledore of masculinity comes from, but he must be put to a stop. According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, 1 in 53 boys who are minor-aged, experience sexual assault perpetrated by adults. I’d be interested in seeing the statistics on fathers who aid and abet in statutory rape to promote masculinity. Not only is this toxic masculinity but the harmful lessons that this teaches Boosie’s kin about women, sexuality and respect could take years of therapy to unpack.

By allegedly soliciting the services of a prostitute to initiate some sexual awakening, Boosie took away his son’s agency over his body. So much of our identity is rooted in our ability to make our own choices and to allow these actions to be definitive of who we are. While Boosie may have thought that he was giving his son (and nephews) a crash course on what it means to be a man, he failed miserably. He did, however, teach them the false lesson that their sexuality is something that should be controlled by other people, whether it was him or the pedophile who supposedly did the act. Boosie’s son and nephews now, unfortunately and most likely, have such a sordid start to sexual exploration, stained by their father and uncle’s obsession with ensuring that they fit his mold of masculinity. The most disturbing part of all of this is that he stated his son and nephews were children at the time, which is statutory rape.

When adults perform sexual acts on children, that is pedophilia. Boosie claims these young boys were 12 and 13 years of age, with some tawdry pervert engaging in lewd acts as if they were adults. If Boosie enlisted this demented woman to jump start their preadolescent sexual journeys, he unknowingly encouraged them to feed into the myth that women exist solely for the pleasure of men and are nymphomaniacs who are so sexually deprived they’d engage in sexual activities with a minor. Obviously these myths are untrue but it’s easy for a child to get wrapped up in that poisonous thinking when their father is championing an encounter like this. I can’t help but compare this style of parenting to the Wades’ style, especially when Boosie took it upon himself to condemn them for loving their daughter, Zaya.

In February of this year, The Wades were praised for supporting their daughter, Zaya Wade, when she came out as transgender. People showed up in droves to offer words of encouragement to 12-year-old Zaya as she embraced her gender identity. While Boosie was clout chasing this precious moment and opening his crusty mouth to provide unsolicited commentary, he should have been taking notes. Parenting should be about embracing your child for who they are and supporting them in living their most authentic lives. The Wades have shown us that for every bad parent like Boosie, there are fabulous ones who don’t subscribe to mentalities riddled with stupidity and virulence.

Boosie needs to be treated in the same contempt as R. Kelly. He is a sexual predator who exposed his son and nephews to sexual abuse and he needs to be held accountable for this clown ass behavior. I would also encourage you to look at the people in your life who are defending this predatory act and consider the dangerous implications of keeping them around. We need to join together to #MuteBoosie because this behavior is not to be celebrated.