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Brianna Rhodes is the branded content writer for Blavity. Feel free to contact her at brianna@blavity.com

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How Entrepreneur Terri Lomax Uses Her Platform to Promote Financial Independence For Women of Color

Nationally recognized blogger, speaker and brand strategist, Terri Lomax has always been passionate about encouraging others to show up in all areas of their life as the best version of themselves. From social media to branding, she has continued to impact women of color.As the founder of the blog, Mocha Girls Pit Stop Lomax has developed an online community for women of color to share...

Here’s Why Planned Parenthood Is Rallying Against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Last month, President Trump announced Brett Kavanaugh, D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, as his nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States.Advocates like Planned Parenthood, along with many Americans who support reproductive rights, are not happy with Trump’s choice for nominee. If the Senate confirms the president’s nomination, Kavanaugh will shift the balance of the...

Dropping Wisdom: 6 Smart Tips We’ve Learned From Our Parents On How To Handle Money, Wealth and Life

Navigating through this thing called life is not as easy as once imagined.On a daily basis, millennials are still trying to figure out how to function as full-fledged adults, especially when it comes down to learning how to manage finances.With added expenses such as student loans and daycare, money management is becoming more difficult. Since our generation is living longer, more money...