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Ashleigh is a writer, podcaster and sh*t talker based in Atlanta, GA. She likes food, Beyonce, social justice and the whole bott--er, a glass of wine. Don't start none, won't be none.

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NYPD Paid Spike Lee Over $200K To Help Improve Their Public Image

Frequent law enforcement critic Spike Lee partnered with the New York Police Department to help it improve its image.The relationship reportedly began in 2016 after The New York City Police Foundation paid Spike DDB, Lee’s advertising agency, a $219,113 consulting fee, according to The New York Post.Organization spokesman Brady Littlefield confirmed the relationship.“The...

35 Years Later, Two White Men Have Been Convicted Of Killing A 23-Year-Old Black Man For Dating A White Woman

After over 30 years, the racially-motivated killing of Timothy Coggins has been solved, and his murderers will be punished.William “Bill” Moore pleaded guilty to charges related to the murder on Thursday and was sentenced to 30 years, with 20 to be served in prison, according to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution.Franklin Gebhardt, Moore’s brother-in-law, was sentenced...