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Rapper Stormzy Tackles Heinous Lack Of Diversity At Cambridge University

Between 2012 and 2016, Cambridge University colleges admitted as few as one or even no black students – a gross rate that 25-year-old English rapper Stormzy hopes to change by funding two full scholarships for black students to attend the prestigious university. “We are still under-represented at leading universities,” Stormzy said in a statement. “I hope...

Man Shot After Arguing Over Whether Halle Berry Should Play Aretha Franklin In A Movie

Now, we know Halle Berry has played some roles y'all didn’t want her in, and some are still hurt about what they think to be a lackluster portrayal of Catwoman on Berry’s part. But there is no reason for us to be shooting people over possible movie castings, folks.In January, Jennifer Hudson was tapped to play Aretha Franklin in the upcoming biopic Aretha: From...

Trump's Tribute To Aretha Franklin Truly Has The Internet Confused

While many mourn the loss of beloved songstress Aretha Franklin, some are a little confused by a statement about her passing that Donald Trump read aloud on Thursday. (The fact that he read a statement –that he clearly did not write – instead of speaking from the heart will be left alone for now because there are bigger questions at play here.)Speaking on Franklin’s...